I Dig Dead Boys – Vinyl Bumper Sticker


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Dating is hard!

It is not always easy to show that you are available, or to show what you are digging for! 

What is good for the goose…


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Dimensions 8.5 × 2.75 in

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Made in USA - Started in Salem, MA

Say What You Mean, and Say it Mean! – JG Thirwell 

Starting as an in-house brand at Salem’s (in)famous Life & Death Morbid Gift Shop, Morbid Stickers is continuing to bring the spooky.

Life & Death separated itself from the family friendly establishments of main street Salem with a bloody, historical walking tour, and a gift shop filled with items not found anywhere else. A huge in-the-know fan-base from all over the world would view the monthly exhibits that spanned subjects from Torture Instruments of Nuremberg Castle, to the classic “freak show” attractions of circuses of the past.

In a world of the bland & unexciting, Morbid Stickers is built on a history of true Spooky living. We are going to be your bumpers new best friend.

All stickers are high quality vinyl backed with military grade adhesive. They will not fail you, unlike everyone else in your life.